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There are all kinds of reasons for child abuse. As there are different kinds of child abuse. Such as, physical abuse, sexual abuse, mental abuse, and neglect. Abuse occurs in all cultures. It doesn 't care if you 're rich or poor, what color your skin is, what your religious background is, or any other mitigating factors. No one is immune to abuse. If a child has unexplained bruises, broken bones, and even cigarette burns, that is physical abuse. Physical abuse can also cause death to the child. No adult has a right to beat a child, no matter what. There are many reasons why a parent or an adult uses physical abuse on a child. The parents or adult could have come from an abusive home himself or herself. If that is all that the adult…show more content…
Parents also mentally abuse their children, such as yelling, threatening the child, and degrading or humiliating him or her. It may not leave bruises or any physical evidence, but it does lower their self-esteem and will scar them mentally for the rest of their life. A parent may not realize that what they are doing is mentally abusing the child, they might even think it is funny, but when it is humiliating and hurtful to the child, it is mental abuse. The old saying, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me" is so untrue. They do hurt, and they do leave scars. When I was first in the Army I didn 't want to wear my hair up, which is required when you 're in uniform, for fear of being made fun of. Throughout my childhood I was told that my ears stuck out when my hair was in a ponytail causing me to look like Dumbo. This may seem silly to some & to others I know can relate. Do I look like Dumbo? No, but you can see how it had affected me then. I 'm 40 years old & still feel like that little kid all those years ago. Mental abuse is all about control. Mental abuse can and will carry over to adult life, and the child that is being mentally abused could pass it down to their children. Often I 've heard others say that if you 're abused as a child you will go from being abused to being the abuser. I don 't agree with that. The cycle can be broken as was the case for me. I
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