Keeping the Environment Clean

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Dexter Luces Gamboa
NS101- 1TB
TTh 6:00 – 7:30 pm
Professor Marie Joy Christine V. Olo

Keeping the Environment Clean

We are supposed to take care of this planet, but are we doing so? We are not doing much. The little effort put into recycling or other small things is not enough. We must make severe changes, especially with all the gas consumption for cars or all the fuel smokes from industries that affect our environment. This must stop now! The rate of global warming is increasing rapidly and we must slow it down before it is too late. We must take action now and save our world.

The atmosphere is something that is around us everyday, but do we really think about the changes that occur in it. It isn't that we just
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Learning to use energy the right ways involves turning off the lights, the TV, and the stereo every time you leave a room. Another way is to use fans during the summer when it isn't too hot yet instead of just using energy with the air conditioner.

As students we can also help in simple ways like recycling paper, glass, plastic, and aluminum. All of these things will reduce the amount of fossil fuels used and help keep the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air at a minimum. Another way to reduce carbon dioxide is by planting millions of new trees all over the world. Since trees reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and add oxygen, planting them can do nothing but help. Locally, the government along with other non-government organizations are also promoting this plans of tree-planting that will help our mother earth.

Something else that can be done is find new energy sources. There are many energy sources that are clean, safe, and renewable. Solar, wind, geothermal power, and nuclear power are all other sources of energy. We have to find ways in which we can harness these natural energy sources so that we can use them instead of burning fossil fuels. These are just many ways in which we can reduce the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere by half.

The country has already discovered a lot if locations here in the Philippines wherein we can be able to get our renewable resources plus, we’ll be able to lessen our import of fuels. We
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