Keeping the Minimum Legal Drinking Age

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The government is conducting an idea to whether lower the minimum legal drinking age in the United States or not. Many Americans forbid the idea of legalizing the drinking age so that it would be profitable to the businesses. Likewise, there have been many advantages and disadvantages of why should the government allow young adults drink under the age of 21. To prevent this issue, many Americans have provided reasoning that will support the idea of keeping the minimum legal drinking age where it is now. The government should maintain the minimum legal drinking age in the United States at the age of 21. Lowering the drinking age to under 21 can cause young adults to be medically irresponsible. For example, young adults under 21 years old…show more content…
To support this, seniors who couldn’t drink until age of 21 drank less than seniors who were restricted until the age of 25. Therefore, several states had conflict on minimum legal drinking age with minorities under 25. Furthermore, 21 year olds create less traffic accidents and fatalities than 18 year olds. For example, 21 years olds are more mature and responsible for their own actions than 18 years olds. As a fact, “Excessive alcohol consumption contributes to more than 4,700 deaths among underage youth, that is, persons less than 21 years of age, in the United States each year.” (CDC). Throughout each year, 21 year old drivers tend to be safer on the road than 18 year olds. To prove this, 18 year olds get carried away with drinking while driving and force them to cause trouble with others. If young adults under 21 are allowed to drink, then the revenues for businesses would intentionally increase. For businesses, it would be great for the law to lower the drinking age because it would increase their profits of young adults under 21 purchasing alcohol. Researchers found that if the drinking age lowers, industries are likely to make a huge amount of profit (Science Daily). According to Science Daily, more people to consume alcohol will likely increase the amount of money in the industries. In this context, the more the

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