Keillor's Prodigal Son Essay example

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Keillor's "Prodigal Son"

Keillor's "Prodigy Son" is a parody of the original, "The Parable of a Prodigy Son". When making the parody, Keillor had to change certain characteristics in order to make it humorous. Some of these characteristics were the setting, characters and the tone. In changing these, Keillor had to be respectful and keep the same theme in the parody as the original parable because he didn't want to offend the fans of the original parable. Keillor turns the famous parable, "The Parable of a Prodigy Son" into a parody, or comedy. The original parable is from The Bible the tone it contains is more on the lines of a religious tone. In Keillor's parody, he removes most of the religious vibe. However, he does add to his
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"And not many days after the younger son gathered all together, and took his journey into a far country, and there wasted his substance with riotous living." As you can see, the parable doesn't focus too much on Wally and his journey but states that he goes on a journey (232). Keillor's parody shows Wally's true side by the way he acts on his journey and the way he ditches or leaves his family. Dwight, the older brother in the parody, is very bitter with the way his family is run and what is tolerated. "And my ring on his hand! My ring! You promised it to me, but oh no - can't give it to the son who's worked his tail off for thirty years, oh no, gotta give it to the weasel who comes dragging his butt in the door - Oh great - Wonderful Dad. Terrific." (1366). First off, he gets angry because Wally leaves to go on a journey and makes everyone else do extra work because of his absence. Secondly, their father doesn't get mad at Wally at all and actually supports and congratulates him too much (1365-1366). In the parable, the characters didn't even have names so Keillor turns it more personal by giving them names. Tone was the last element Keillor had to work with in transforming his parody from the parable, which had a plain and simple tone. There's not too many emotions felt by the tone that is given off. Also, the tone is monotone and doesn't seem to fluctuate much. The parody's tone overall is more uplifting and
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