Keith Analysis

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“Keith” as a shakespearean tragedy The changes I would make to change “Keith” into would have a monologue would dramatize Keith and Barbara farewell scene. These highlighting how Keith’s personality changes and his willingness to say goodbye to Barbara. Second, the costuming able to visibly show the character development over the course of the story. Barbara’s clothing Going from skirts and blouses with jeans and graphic tee shirt displays a non-caring attitude about what others think of her. First, I would make Keith’s monologue to providing more of a dramatic sad desperate tone. The monologue spoken by Keith to Barbara explaining the lost feeling now that he has to say goodbye . To exaggerate the monologue Keith’s…show more content…
the colors represent how timid and introverted she is. As the story progresses , her outfits become more bold and daring . When she hangs out with keith to go to the hospital she wears light green pants and a black t shirt. Spending time with Keith changes how outspoken Barbara is . The development of character through clothes affects her personality . Barbara is apart of the “it” crowd fitting in is what she strives for. when she meets Keith her plans change she falls for him and his attributes rub of on her. The clothes happen with her personality changing . The costumes illuminates her personality traits . when she wears light and pastel colors she is more introverted and follows the rules but when she wears bolder brighter or strong colors her personality becomes outspoken confident . the costumes changing displays how she goes from shy to outspoken introverted to extroverted. To conclude, These elements help create a shakespearean tragedy out of Keith. The monologue emphasize the dramaticness of the farewell scene with actions of keith and tone of Romeo's death speech. The costuming of Barbara develop her character visible from an introverted person to an outspoken girl
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