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I choose to watch the movie “Keith” where I analyzed relationship growth between the characters in this film. This movie was about a girl named Natalie who was a popular, beautiful, smart highschool student with a perfect life. That was until she met Keith a strange, secretive, unpopular student in her high school and he changes her life forever when they become lab partners. The film begins with Natalie starting her typical morning routine which consists of getting ready, early morning tennis practice, and then school where she excels at everything. When she is finally done with class she is walking with her best friend a good looking jock who steals her attention. He doesn’t see her but it initiates that this relationship will develop into…show more content…
Then, he kisses her. They both stop right away and look away to think about how it felt but it is definitely an example of intimacy that they reached and it's no longer a friendship it's something more. Also, Natalie has a boyfriend so what she did is an example of infidelity. It is an example of infidelity because she was unfaithful to Rafael by kissing Keith. She also never even told Rafael it happened. What also makes it an infidelity is that she continues hang out with Keith when she knows Rafael doesn’t like it. When she goes back to school Keith isn’t there and Natalie begins to worry about him and forget about Rafael. This is an example of interdependence because Natalie’s action which are worrying so much about Keith, makes Rafael upset because she no longer has time for him. It also affects her parents because she loses her tennis match which is a big deal to them. She also gets in trouble for trying to sneak into Keith’s locker and gets suspended which makes her parents furious. At this point, it's also obvious she has a stronger commitment to Keith. She doesn’t want to end whatever they have and that's why she looks for him when he’s missing. She misses him and worries about…show more content…
The Natalie wants to be with Keith but she is afraid of what will happen if she is. The last time before he passes that you see them hanging out in the film the go to the airport because Natalie suggests they foreplay which is an example of a ritual because they always do that when they are together it's their way of having fun. While Keith isn’t being so involved this time since he is upset and instead is trying to push her away she sends him confirming messages by telling him she doesn’t care because “she made love to him”. And he sent confirming messages back when he tells her she is “amazing” and he just wanted a little more time with her. Afterwards there is an example of supportiveness because Natalie tells him she is staying with him. She doesn’t care how much time he has she will be there because she loves him. And just like that she is with him till he passeses. Then is the ending scene where Keith has passed away but Natalie follows once again all there rituals. Example of this are she packs everything he would pack like tic tacs, beef jerky and his goggles he would always
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