Keith Rains In The Classroom

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Keith Rains has worked at the high school for over 20 years. He is a history teacher with a major in education. He teaches history to all four levels of high school. Mr. Rains has spoken this lecture as well as many other lectures many times. I don’t believe he has to adapt to any environment because he had given it in his classroom in which he is in every day from 8:15 to 3:30. The lecture was given in his classroom around 2 pm, the room was kept at a temperature of 70 degrees, and the desks are in an order in which every one can see the teacher, so visibility was good. The class size never differentiates very much it stays around 18 people. Most people join the class either because they need another history credit or because they genuinely like history. I’d say the class is split about half and half. The age group for the class is 17-18. The class is split exactly in half gender wise, nine girls and nine boys. There 16 seniors and 2 juniors, it is senior class and the juniors are taking it as an advanced class. Most high…show more content…
I think if he were to have given a thesis statement it would be, the summer of Love was many things, it was peace, it was getting high, it was dancing, it was sex, but mostly it was life. When Mr. Rains would tell his lecture he would say one of the topics and then he would clarify on the topic giving sub-points and all the information he has on that point and then moving on to the next point, then the next, etc. He showed this particular video about a lady who was a hippy and she was dancing in the street. Everyone was high, but the most important factor is that everyone was happy. He didn’t cite where he got his sources. I assume that after so many years of teaching the lecture he has forgotten where he got the information from and therefore its just stored in his head. The lecture was given verbally, it was very effective, and I learned a
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