Kellog Brown & Root in Nigeria Corruption Case

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Kellogg Brown & Root in Nigeria Corruption Case
The firm Halliburton acquired Dresser Industries in the year of 1998. Among Dresser’s businesses was M. W. Kellog, which was combined with an existing Halliburton business and renamed Kellog Brown and Root. By that time, Kellog was expecting to build a series of liquefied natural gas in Nigeria, but in order to do that it was required to win an initial contract form the Nigerian Government. At the beginning everything was going according to plans, however; when the consortium was deep in final negotiations, the Nigeria’s oil minister was removed from his charge and replaced. So, not taking any risks, Kellog decided to hire to the British lawyer Tesler, in order to secure the contracts; the
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So, I think that Hamlliburton did the right thing to investigate the process they where having and find out what was really happening with Nigeria, Tesler and Stanley. This incident might have low profits to Kellogs and Halliburton so I think that making notice to all the people in both countries will help them to sustain themselves and start again. And show that the culpability was for those corrupt persons only.
Finally, we think that corruption in Nigeria is presented on a large scale because the government allows it, so this case involves a very important and outrageous government and its leaders. And the company in question, we think that this had to have chosen a better his legal representative in Nigeria for the construction of the plants (they were a part of the blame)
As a conclusion we can see that any unethical work is forgotten. We can see that the company was started to be investigated even thought the past contract was legal. Unethical actions take people to lost the confidence in a company or on a person. Confidence is a very important value for any company because people buy their products and when confidence is lost it is harder for the company to reestablish again. As we can see this company is being investigated and this may mean that many contracts would not be concluded. Ethics are important because as a company you have to gain the
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