Kellogg Company

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The Kellogg Company is the world’s leading producer of cereal and one of the leaders in the production of convenience foods. The company reported sales of nearly $11 billion for 2006; sales revenue has steadily risen over the last decade. Kellogg’s products are made in seventeen countries and are sold in more than 180 countries. According to the company website, “Kellogg Company has a rich history of corporate social responsibility, a history that has grown and evolved to meet the complexities of today’s business world and the challenges of a global society” (,2006). Kellogg has made it clear that the company was founded with a strong commitment to social responsibility and is proud of the progress that
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(, 2006)
Commitment to Nutrition states that the “Kellogg Company was founded with a philosophy that encouraged people to improve their health” (, 2006). Kellogg was the first company to put nutrition labels, recipes, and product information on the back and sides of their cereal boxes in the 1930s. The company wants their consumers to be well informed of what is in their products so that they can decide for themselves if it’s right for their families. According to, Kellogg has also taken a step further from choosing to stop advertising to young children by also deciding to increase the nutritional value of the snacks and cereals that are targeted at children. The company is showing that they have genuine concern for children and are taking steps to make their products healthier for them.
Kellogg’s Awards recently reported that they honored Kellogg by presenting them with the 20th annual Spirit of America Corporate Community Investment Summit Award. This was given to show the United Way’s gratitude for Kellogg’s support of their fundraising and volunteer activities within local communities. The United Way sees Kellogg’s donation of their money and time as inspirational and should be modeled by other corporations (, May 2007). The company’s commitment to being a good corporate citizen is helped by their contributions to
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