Kellogg 's The Ethical Supply Chain And Supplier Code Of Conduct

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Customers Kellogg’s always tries to engage with their customers and future customers through various ways like its interesting advertising campaigns. Like, TV and newspaper ads and Kellogg’s also use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to approach its customers, conduct various surveys to get to know their customers’ expectations and interests. Kellogg’s always tries to create two-way engagement platforms to interact with its customers about its products as well as its CSR initiatives. Suppliers 70% -83% In Kellogg’s suppliers are another important stakeholder group. Kellogg’s is follows to an ethical supply chain and Supplier Code of Conduct that all its suppliers must obey. This code requires all Kellogg’s suppliers to observe with fair labor practices and ethical business standards. These codes of conduct specially focus on environmental and health and safety issues. Kellogg’s performs number of farmer development programs to engage its suppliers. The main objective of these initiatives is to reduce poverty and promote economic development, through supporting Kellogg’s K-Values and vision. For example, like in rural area of Mexico, Kellogg’s supports the sustainable production of amaranth, an ancient grain thought to be a staple in the diets of the Incas and Aztecs. Kellogg 's is one of several funders of Mexico Tierra de Amaranto (MTA), which teaches community members how to grow and use the plants in cooking and how to sell that food. This initiative taken by

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