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Kellogg’s history Kellogg is a company that has been around for over 100 years. William Kellogg and his brother Dr, John Harvey, started the company in 1868. In 1898 they were able to create the first flake created from toasted maize and in 1902 they were able to create a cereal with a longer shelf life. The company started out really small, they only accepted orders through mail and they sold primarily to people they were affiliated with. They eventually came up with the idea to brand themselves and they posted ads in newspapers and on billboards; this was the time that people started to recognize them as competition; in 1900 more than forty cereal companies were in competition with the Kellogg brand. John Harvey had a really big idea in mind when coming up with the Kellogg brand. Mr. Harvey was not a strong business man in fact he did not care about the business aspect at all, but instead he focused on a way to reform the way Americans ate, he came up with a way to make the cereal rich in nutrients. On the other hand his brother, W.K Kellogg, was completely focused on the business aspect. This led him to found the Battle Creek Toasted Cornflake Company in 1906; at this time he also purchased the rights to the cornflake. The difference between the two brothers is what most would have thought made the company work so well. The two partners eventually had a falling out over the name of the company and W.K took John Harvey to court where he won the law suit to be able to

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