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Kellogg’s Company
The Kellogg’s Company has several different kinds of foods. They have breakfast foods as well as crackers snacks, vegetarian foods and organic foods as well as frozen foods. The Kellogg’s Company is worldwide. A lot of people love the Kellogg’s food lines. These foods are good if you are running late for school, work or an appointment; you can just grab them and go.

Kellogg’s Company
Looking into the year-over-year statements I have used the Kellogg’s Company annual statements for three years and December 31 2007 Reclassified USD, January 3 2009, January 2 2010 and January 1 2011. The year-over-year change had very little change to it.
Income Statement:
The revenue for the
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Kellogg’s has established themselves as the leader with health-conscious innovative breakfast choices such as Special K, All Bran and nineteen cereals (Kellogg’s). While expanding yet Kellogg’s has come up with vegetarian-based food groups, Worthington Foods founded in 1999 and the organic-based food, Kasha Company had been founded in 2000 (Kellogg’s).
Over the years of 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 20010 the Kellogg’s net sales were up by four percent, the operating profit was up by three percent, net income attributable to Kellogg’s Company was up by five percent, basic per share accounts were up by seven percent, the diluted per share amount was up seven percent, dividends paid per share were up by eight percent and the earnings per share (diluted) were also up seven percent. In conclusion the Kellogg’s company is a big known company around the world; they have lots and lots of food, I never realized how many different items that they had until I had chosen to use them for a project. It is easy to just grab a pop-tart in the mornings for the kids as you run them to the bus stop. Kellogg’s also has other foods such as snack foods for the kids to grab. A lot of people probably eat Kellogg’s foods about every day and probably don’t even realize that they are eating them. They do have a lot of good foods.

Kellogg’s Company
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