Kelly Bow Case Study In Psychology

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Kelly Bow is a math teacher in Gooding, Idaho. Kelly completed graduate work in psychology also (K. Bow, personal communication, February 14, 2016). Her focus over the years has been on helping students who struggle in math. She concentrates on overcoming these struggles by applying her understanding of how the brain processes concepts. This method has resulted in students who have traditionally scored low in math becoming straight ‘A’ math students. Many have gone on to get full ride college scholarships, and get jobs in math intensive fields. Kelly has a Facebook account where she often posts stories about the power of the human brain. She also posts stories of the successes of her students (K. Bow, personal communication, February 14, 2016). These stories have gained the attention of her friends, and have were seen by friends of friends. Kelly's social network resulted in contact by the Director of a school in another state that asked her to come interview for a job (which she got). Kelly speaks of the power of social networking, and the unexpected reach that her story had through social media. Gibson, Hardy, and Buckley (2014) …show more content…

There are three natural places where a career plan comes into play. The first stage is when entering the job market. The second is entry into management, and last is entrance into executive management. Broscio (2014), learned in his research that a common trait was present in all three of these career stages. In fact the common trait was that each struggled with how to use social networking as an advantage for career advancement. Yet, they were unsure of how to market themselves. Broscio (2014) addressed the social media site LinkedIn with individuals in all three categories. As a matter of fact, the universal response was that none of the groups understood how this tool could leverage their strengths to achieve career

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