Kelly Hunter Representation Of Autism

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The millennial generation has seen the evolution of media representation. As our generation continues to advance and take on careers in casting and media representation we are able to challenge every previous ideal about what people want to see on stage and screen. The stages and screens are meant to be a place for people to come view reflections of our society and societies spanning the globe. 2016 is set to break previous boundaries for actors with autism. The representation of autism began its development as a way for unknown actors such as to break into the limelight for performing as a person with a lifelong development disability. Examples of this include Leonardo DiCaprio’s acclaimed performance in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Eddie…show more content…
Kelly Hunter is a well-known actor and director; she also created the “Hunter Heartbeat Method. This method works with the rhythm of Iambic Pentameter, which mimic the pattern of a heartbeat giving the children a patterned and organized way to communicate. During February of 2011 Kelly Hunter introduced the Hunter Heartbeat Method to children on the spectrum and to the faculty of the Wexner Medical Center’s Nisonger Center and the Theatre at the Ohio State University. (“Project Timeline”. 2016.). This method is designed to release communicative blocks that people with autism find hard to deal with. That is imperative because it opens up the kid’s minds to begin exploring their potential to express their emotions and imagination. In August, also 2011, the full-length Shakespeare & Autism project began. (“Project Timeline.” 2016). This project continued to grow in size and significance through the next five years. A course on Shakespeare & Autism is now offered at several colleges including Ohio State University and the University of North Carolina…show more content…
Shakespearean theatre has been brought to Prisons, violent neighborhoods, nurseries, and those with speech impediments. People on the Autistic Spectrum thrive when they have a sense of control and organization. There are specific conditions that need to be met for people on the spectrum to obtain significant creative growth. Judith Aron Rubin, a well-known art therapist defined one of these conditions as “order.” There must be clarity and consistency in the work. (Rubin. P.33-34). Therefore, Shakespeare’s text comes to mind, as it is patterned and
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