Kelly Phenger Biography

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On April 23, 1973, in the Wood County hospital my mother, better known as Kelly Pheneger was born from Mike and Darlene Amos. She was the middle child of three siblings; Ryan, Cristina, and her. She lived in two different places; Bowling Green, Ohio and Fort Myers, Florida as well as three different schools; Eastwood, Bowling Green, and St. Als. Kelly is fair complected and always says “life is you make it”.
As Kelly grew her sense of style did too. By the time she was in high school big hair for girls was in fashion. She put a permanent in her hair to make it curly. Every morning young Kelly would wake up early and curl, spray, tease, and comb her hair until it would stand tall on the top of her head. Looking back on it, she thinks now that her hair made her look like she had an electric shock.
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In this case, it was a 100$ silver Buick Skylark given to her by her dad. This car was the rustiest piece of junk you could find anywhere. It had a disgusting smell because of the previous owner smoked and had a dog. Every time Kelly turned left the car would stall. On one occasion the door just fell completely off! Overall she still loved the car because she could take her and her friend's places.
Look back on her life, Kelly believes that her mother was the most influential person in her life. In an interview, Kelly said, “Not only did she take care of me when I was growing up, she was a wonderful role model to me.” At the age of 8, Kelly saw her mother return to school, receive a nursing degree, and take a job as a
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