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Kelly Services, Inc. Group 7 Has Kelly Services Inc. underperformed or outperformed its competitors? On what dimensions? Financial ratios are great indicators to find a firm’s performance and financial situation. Most of the ratios are able to be calculated through the use of financial statements provided by the firm itself. They show the relationship between two or more financial variables that can be used to analyze trends and to compare the firm’s financials with other companies to further come up with market values or discount rates, etc. After coming up with all of the financial ratios the financial statements are able to provide, management can figure out the trend analysis,…show more content…
We at Kelly Services Inc. have concluded that we definitely outperformed Olsten with respect to all of the financial ratios we have calculated using the data from exhibit 4. On the basis of risk and return, how does the increased leverage affect a company and the individual shareholder? Increased leverage would increase the risk for the shareholder. This is due to the fact that an increased amount of debt would increase the financial return that investors expect. For example, if a company has no debt and posts better than expected earnings, the equity holder would get all of this benefit. If the company had some debt and posted better than expected earnings, the bond holders would get a fixed payment as usual, and shareholders would still enjoy increased profits; the problem arises if worse than expected profits were shown by Kelly Services. If Kelly Services had no debt and posted bad earnings, then the equity bears all the risk in that situation. However, if Kelly
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