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Kelly Yao British Literature Mr. Carlucci May 15, 2017 Causes of Teenager Suicide Recently, Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why has drawn people’s attention. The drama series illustrates 13 reasons of the teenage girl’s suicide. As we have entered a brand new century, climbing suicide rate has become one of the most serious public health and mental issue in the society. In daily life, there are even more reports of teenage suicide by media. People may wonder about the actual reasons why teenager decide to commit suicide to end their lives. There are potential causes for teenage suicide. Teenagers’ motivation for suicidal behaviors mostly come from physical or sexual abuse, cyberbullies, pressure from school and substance abuse. Teens commit suicide…show more content…
The victims think about suicide after being attacked. To prevent teenagers from committing suicide, people should pay more attention to prevention of violence and sexual harassment to teenagers. With the widespread presence of teen suicides, parents can 't help but wonder and worry, but they never find out where the child’s depression came of. A review of data collected between 2004 and 2010 via survey studies indicated that “lifetime cyberbullying victimization rates ranged from 20.8% to 40.6% and offending rates ranged from 11.5% to 20.1%” (PubMed Central) There are several specific ways that social media can increase the risk for the suicidal behavior. Cyber bullying and cyber harassment are serious and prevalent problems, as “approximately 2000 middle school children that indicated that victims of cyberbullying were almost two times as likely to attempt suicide than those who were not” (PubMed Central). Although cyberbullying cannot be identified as the only factor for suicide between teenagers, it increases the risk by intensifying feelings of isolation, instability, and hopelessness. According to the recent study, “approximately 43% of the students report experiencing cyberbullying during their lifetime, and 15% of students admitted to cyberbullying others during their lifetime” (Patchin, 2015). There are even more statistics showing how cyber bullies affect teenagers’ emotion and push them to self-destruction. Nowadays, social media has created virtual
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