Essay about Kelly's Professional Criteria in Nursing

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Kelly's Professional Criteria

Kelly's Professional Criteria
Nursing has emerged throughout history from being task oriented to what it is today, where education and research lay the foundation of our profession. There has been ongoing controversy on whether nursing is in fact a profession or an occupation, even among nursing organizations. Lucie Kelly has spent most of her career exploring the dimensions of professional nursing. She is a registered nurse (RN) herself and also is a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and a member of the Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing (FAAN) (Chitty & Black, 2011, p. 66). The eight characteristics that she uses to describe professionalism are what I believe nursing to be. Kelly’s model
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Her third criteria says services involve intellectual activities; individual responsibility is a strong feature (Chitty & Black, 2011, p. 66). Nurses are held accountable not only be each other and in the facility they work but also at a state level. In the end the nurse is accountable not only for the nursing care that they give to patients but also for the tasks that they have delegated to unlicensed persons (Chitty & Black, 2011, p. 66). Nursing is also an area that allows for critical thinking and decision making skills, with education and work experience these skills can become second nature.
The fourth criteria says that practitioners are educated in institutions of higher learning (Chitty & Black, 2011, p. 66). As nurses we learn a lot from our work experience but this is not a profession that can be taught to a lay person that has not received higher level education in the nursing field. Anyone with a nursing license has attended a college, university or vocational school and passed state board licensure test prior to being allowed to practice in the nursing profession.
Kelly’s fifth criteria says that practitioners are relatively independent and control their own policies and activities (Chitty & Black, 2011, p. 66). Many nurses have spent their careers working to develop policies and procedures/practices for the nursing process. Many facilities allow for
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