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Kelsey Bradley Kendra Gallos English III Honors 6 April 2017 Homelessness Imagine what it would be like not knowing what to do or not knowing where to sleep for the night. There is no where to go and once again sleeping outside on the cold, hard ground is the only choice. This ground becomes a bed and some nights it may be located under a bridge or even on a park bench. The smells that linger from other homeless people sleeping close by is nauseating but soon goes away because it becomes a way of life. Hunger has set in and begging people for food is the only option. People in society tend to label the homeless as alcoholics or drug abusers. The homeless people who choose to do such things set a bad example for homeless individuals…show more content…
“Those veterans with the most severe physical and mental health disabilities – often caused by their military service – require permanent housing with supportive services” (Veterans). The homeless veteran population of women is at its highest number as of right now. (Veterans) Homeless children is more of a problem than people realize. Children who are homeless have a greater chance of having heath problems than the other children since they do not have access to medical and dental care. "Children who lack a stable home are vulnerable to a number of adverse outcomes" (Child). These children are more likely to repeat a school grade, be expelled from school, and even drop out of high school. Most homeless children have experienced violence and they now suffer from anxiety and depression. There are two types of homeless children. One type is called "Family Homeless" which is when a child is separated from their parents and placed into foster care or they are living with some of their family members. The other type is called "Unaccompanied Youth" which is when children are out on their own and have no one with them which includes the runaway youth. It is very hard to count the number of homeless children because their living situation changes frequently. Not all the people we see on the news who are accused of robbing a store or committing a crime are true criminals. Some homeless people will commit a crime so they will be able to have shelter over their heads

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