Ken Ham: A Creationist Scientist

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The Scientist that I am doing this on is Ken Ham because, he is a creationist scientist and believes that god created the earth in six days and the seventh was a day of rest. He says that evolutionists use the dinosaurs as there most effecting that they have lived millions of years while he contradicts that and says that they lived with humans because god mad animals and humans on the same day around 6,000 years ago. Now some people will tell you there is no god or they will believe evolution or just don’t believe anything. I will take you through what Mr. Ham has found through his research as a scientist. So my first point is that God created the earth in 6 days and on the 7th he rested. Now some of you may be skeptical about this at first saying that doesn’t make sense that everything could be created by one being. Ken Ham said it like this If you can open your mind to believe that we just all the sudden appeared here then why is it so hard to think we were created for a purpose? If we just all the sudden appeared then how does that make sense, think about it if you were made for a purpose it would make more sense than to just live and die. So God created everything in 6 days including humans and all animals and on the 7th he rested because he wanted to reflect on his work and so that we should have a day of rest in our workweek. Evolutionist says that the dinosaurs have been here for million and millions of years that is what is said to be the strongest point for
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