Ken Orr Case Study

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"Requirements are often the most misunderstood part of system development. But it is an absolutely critical function."(Robertson 208). In regards to the first statement, I believe Ken Orr meant that from the view point of project leaders understanding how to implement requirements may be misunderstood. Recall, that requirements are obtained from other stake holders. Through this communication, meaning can naturedly be misinterpreted. Also, project leaders often do not have a technical understanding of the project they are developing, therefore not understanding implementation of a require can occur because of this too. That is why, project manager must communicate with other stakeholders to understand requirements and the project they are developing. Lastly, what is a requirement can also be misunderstood by stakeholders that a project manager is working with. This misunderstanding…show more content…
Recall, requirements are critical function to a project because tell managers what the project must do. Without these instructions, one can not know for certain the processes a project must include. Furthermore, requirements also act can act as a guide for development. This is because requirements can outline a sequence of events in a project.

Lastly, a project can consist of several requirements. Due to time and budget some requirements may be more essential than others. Recall, there are two types of requirements Functional and Non functional. Based on the reading, Functional requirements are described as something that a project accomplish (Robertson 306). On the other hand, a non functional project is an attribute that a project has (Robertson 306). Therefore, the criteria I would used to prioritize requirements is complete all functional requirements first, followed by non functional requirements that improve or directly related to functional
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