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Ken Pollack of the Brookings Institution once said: “Remove all of the baggage- all of the ideology, the history …and look in purely geostrategic terms… it’s hard to figure out why the United States and Iran would necessarily be in conflict. In fact during the Shah’s era, before 1979- recognizing that there were all kinds of other problems- the Unites States and Iran worked together splendidly at the strategic level” ( qtd. in Addis). Initially, the United States and Iran maintained amicable relations but resentment rose in Iran over time toward the Americans. The Iran-contra with the United States lasted for more than a century, conflict beginning in the late 1800s until 1980. The Iran Hostage crisis on November 4th, 1979, served as the…show more content…
Mosaddeq supervised a nationalist party that sought to end all foreign intrusion in Iranian affairs. He sought to nationalize the oil industry, whereas, the shah promoted a privatized system (“Iran Hostage Crisis”: Wright 1). Also known as the Iranian Coup D’état of 1953, the United States aided the Shah to overthrow the government of Premier Mohammed Mosaddeq. Joined with the Shah, the Central Intelligence Agency, more commonly known as the CIA, and the British intelligence engineered a plan to depose Mosaddeq. The Shah bribed powerful figures, planted false reports in newspapers and provoked street violence as methods of disposing of Mosaddeq (Wright 22). President Dwight D. Eisenhower agreed and ordered the CIA to embark on Operation TP- Ajax to dispose of Mosaddeq and install a new government by the Shah (Cohen, p. 57). The United States and Iran became official allies. Following the Coup, Iranians began to protest that the United States retained unnecessary authority on Iranian associations (1). Therefore, the Shah introduced the SAVAK, trained by the CIA, as an enforcement agency to root out government enemies’. The SAVAK of the shah murdered and tortured thousands of people causing significant tension and becoming one of the most feared enforcement agencies in the world (Bechtel 2: Iran Hostage Crisis). Furthermore, the Shah signed agreements with the United States and several other European countries for oil creating more apprehension. President
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