Ken Robinson : How Schools Kill Creativity

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Ken Robinson: How Schools Kill Creativity Reflection.
First of all, I found Ken Robinson to be hilarious. For a talk that went on for nearly 20 minutes, I found I was actually engaged throughout the entire talk. I suppose the time flew by due to his talent of using humour during it all. He reminds me of my English teacher, Mr. Wright. I had to laugh when Robinson told the story of the little girl drawing a picture of God. The girl’s response was classic, and something my son would say.
I found this video to extremely interesting because of the importance of creativity in our children’s education. Could this be due to my experience at school? Or the fact that I am a father, so find it concerning as I want my son to be permitted to express his creativity? Either way, I am in agreement with Robinson’s position on education, that our school system is killing creativity due to over-emphasising literacy and academic subjects while stamping out creativity from our children due to under-valuing children’s intellect, creativity, independence and resourcefulness.
Why is the education system so stuck in their way? Can’t they see the world has changed, and that the system needs to change with the times? Honestly, why use uniformity and standardisation for education? It is obvious that no two children are alike, therefore, do not learn alike. I believe that the traditional textbook methods of teaching don’t work for everyone. We are human beings, not robots. Our creativity is critical to…
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