Ken Robinson 's The Current Education System

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According to Ken Robinson, the current education system has yet to adapt to the modern world and it’s different modes of thinking, creating a stand still in curriculum success that is in desperate need of reform. After explaining how countries around the world want to reform education and carry on legacies, Robinson makes the case that our current education system is out dated. The current system was established during the 18th century during the Industrial Revolution, which was based largely on agricultural and urban advancements. As Robinson mentions, every community wants their children to be prepared for the current economic opportunities and carry a cultural legacy, but that’s hard to do when our current system isn’t cohesive to today’s circumstances. “People are trying to work out how we educate our children to their place in the economies of the 21st century.” (Robinson, RSAnimate)
There isn’t just one issue with our current education system, there’s multiple Robinson alludes too. “When we went to school we were kept there with a story which is if you work hard and did well and got a college degree you would have a job.” (Robison, RSAnimate) Today, that is not the case. The hard truth is that today’s students who receive a bachelor’s degree aren’t guaranteed a job, let alone a job in their chosen field. Robinson says not only should the structure of todays education system be examined and questioned, but as well the processes students go thru for learning. For…
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