Kendall Le1. Roskos, Ela 1St. 3/20/17. Living Life With

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Kendall Le 1 Roskos, ELA 1st 3/20/17 Living Life with No Mistakes Imagine if a random guy killed your daughter along with a couple of other girls: you would be furious. What would you want to happen to him? Would you want him to suffer greatly, or even die for what he did? Would you have sympathy for him because he is young? Would you forgive him if he apologized? This guy murdered your beloved daughter that you love with all your life, and you would do anything to stop him and put him to justice. If you turn this situation around, and it was your son who killed the girls, what would you want to happen to your son? Would you want him to suffer the consequences, or would you defend him to the highest point? These situations are…show more content…
In order for this trend to be stopped, prisons should focus more on how to reform criminals so that they can go back to their communities and do good for the people and not bring harm to those around them. Prisons should work to reform prisoners because most of them can be rehabilitated. In our world, nobody is perfect. Some people have disorders; some people are not raised correctly; some people are in need of essentials. These conditions are usually the main causes of a crime. On the other hand, the good news is that most people can be rehabilitated. The only people who might not be able to be rehabilitated are people with major disorders. Even though some people can’t be rehabilitated, we still need to make a safe community, so we need to rehabilitate the people that can be rehabilitated. In order to do that “[w]e need to create prison conditions, both physical and psychological, that encourage cooperation on all sides and that support change as opposed to conflict and calcification of negative behavior” (Chura). The people that made mistakes that got them in prison need to know that what they did was wrong, and how to fix it. They also need to know to never do it again, and be aware of the differences between right and wrong. The people that can be identified as good candidates for rehabilitation need to go through reform programs in prison and learn how

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