Kendra Shipley. Ms. Carico. Senior English. 8 May 2017.

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Kendra Shipley Ms. Carico Senior English 8 May 2017 The Importance of Birth Control in High School One of the most controversial topics in the United States is whether or not teenagers should be allowed to take birth control while they are still in high school. “… teen pregnancy is a serious problem in the United States.” (“Teen Pregnancy”). Girls should be allowed to take birth control because girls and guys are obviously going to mess around in high school; therefore, birth control provides a safe way for teenagers to have sexual intercourse. If they are going to do it, they should undoubtedly be protected. There are many easy ways for a teen to obtain birth control. For instance, birth control is free at the health department. If they…show more content…
Sexual intercourse, therefore, should not be frowned upon, mocked, or seen as heinous; instead, it should be seen as a natural event. According to Eve Vawter, “by the time they are 19, seven out of ten teens have had sex,” (Vawter). Teens are obviously sexually active and at an age where they are responsible enough to make their own decisions, so they ought to be able to make the decision to use birth control. Depriving teens of using birth control will not stop their sexual drive. In fact, keeping teens from using birth control will only cause the risk of pregnancy to increase which, in turn, increases the likelihood of abortions. If teenagers are going to be sexually active, then birth control is their only option separating them from terrible outcomes. Another reason why birth control should be readily available for high school teenagers is that unprotected sex leads to abortions. The issue of abortion is already a majorly controversial topic in the world today especially in politics. Even though there are two sides of the argument regarding abortions, both sides would agree that the killing of an unborn child is very severe and a very difficult decision to make, regardless of whether or not it should be legal. The slaughtering of an unborn child is inhumane and no couple should have to make that decision solely because they are not ready for a child. Most high school

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