Kendrick Lamar Compare And Contrast

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Kendrick Lamar and J Cole are two of the best hip hop artist of our generation. Although the two make music about similar subjects they are completely different at the same time.

Kendrick Lamar Duckworth was born June 17, in Compton, California. Before he was born his parents moved there to escape the gang culture in Chicago. In his early days he enjoyed writing stories and poems. In Compton he was exposed to a lot of gang activity in the area even though it didn’t really effect him. In his teenage years he attended Compton High school where he was a Straight A student.

At the age of 16 Kendrick Lamar came out with his first office mixtape entitled Hub City Threat: Minor of the Year(2003) under the name K-dot. This mixtape allowed him to
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It was on this album that he started to talk more about social problems and the things that are happening in America.

On June 25, 2013 Born Sinner was released. The album ranked second on the Billboard chart only coming after Kayne West's album Yeezus. The three singles he put out for this album were She Knows, Forbidden Fruit and She Knows. On December 9,2014 J Cole released his third album 2014 Forest Hill Drive. This is his most best album to date having gone double platinum. It was so good that he decided to make a live version of this album in2016. He was nominated for a Grammy for the 2014 Forest hill Drive album as well.

These two artist have many things in common such both of them being nominated for a Grammy and being XXL freshman participants. They both have three studio albums as well. There share some of the same influences as well such as Andre 3000, 2pac, and Nas. The two also make music about the same thing. They rap about things going on in the community and social problems. They have both had number one songs and albums on the billboard top 100. They where also good students in high school. The two are also good friends who love to collaborate with each
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