Kendrick Lamar Essay

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Born in Compton, California on June 17, 1987 to the parents of Paula Oliver and Kenny Duckworth, who Moved to Compton from Chicago before Kendrick was born to escape from the life of gang related activity and poverty. His father Kenny was a member of the street gang The Gangster Disciples but in order to better themselves and their way of life they packed up and moved to California, where they stayed in a hotel until they could afford a house of their own. Kendrick Lamar Duckworth known as his stage name Kendrick Lamar grew up a witness to a lot of violence and gang related activity, but chose to take a different route for his life and became one of the most talented rapper of today's hip hop. Kendrick Lamar’s story isn’t one of the best influence being around and friends with gang members, the part of California that he lives in is notoriously known to be a BLOOD territory in the city’s turf wars between the bloods and the Crips of California. Kendrick was a witness to many shootings in Compton one of those shootings was the death of one of his friends by a city police officer who responded to a domestic violence call and…show more content…
Using his words to express the way of life as a teenage black male in America. He started recording songs with his friends and releasing Mixtapes that later got the attention of the local label Top Dog Entertainment who signed the new artist and later Kendrick released his first free album titled “Section80” which gain him much popularity nationwide. Kendrick later changed his name to Kendrick Lamar dropping just his last name. As he became a bigger success he started to work with Dr. Dre a super producer and also a Compton native who expressed much interest in Kendrick later signed a joint contract with Kendrick’s label Top Dog Entertainment to his own labels aftermath with includes artist such as Snoop Dogg, 50 CENT, and
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