Kennan Barbero's Framework

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Martín Barbero’s framework fails in three main dimensions. The first one is that collective actors constitute the main assumption. So, how can we think from his perspective in a social, cultural, and communication field highly fragmented”, asks Santa Cruz. “In its harder meaning, the idea of cultural appropriation appeals to collective subjects” and not to an individual cultural experience or how this has been considered in cultural studies linked to consumption and marketing. The assumption behind the idea that people re-signifies and re-appropriates his or her cultural experiences and practices, is that there is a collective, a social, process. Under the current fragmentation of daily life and the segmentation of cultural practices, exclusively understood as a consumption use, stressed Martín Barbero’s critique.…show more content…
This is connected to the emphasis on popular cultures as collective practices and experiences where the whole social diversity fits, as Santa Cruz highlights. Therefore, a feminine, gender, or feminist communication practices or experiences could be also understood under the broad frame of mediations, following Martín Barbero. However, and thanks to the institutionalization of gender studies in Latin America since the late 1980s, we know that cultural experiences heavily rely in gender. Eventually, Martín Barbero acknowledges this shortcoming, but as a lack of “a feminine perspective”, which is not exactly equivalent to a gender frame. In cultural studies is evident “a certain absence of a feminine view”, Martín Barbero says, “and a gender perspective bewilders our scholarly communities. In academic practices there is still a strong machismo and the critical theoretical self-reflection doesn’t escape to it”. In fact, Martín Barbero points out, “machismo is embedded in hegemony” (Jesús Martín-Barbero & Herlinghaus,
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