Kennedy In Texas

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The last stop for Kennedy in Texas, and for his whole life, was Dallas. Dallas seemed to be the most aggressive out of any other region in the state towards the president and his administration. When arriving in the city that Kennedy thought of most importantly on November 22, he and his wife got into a limousine that banded together with two cars containing police and the Secret Service. Driving towards the Trade Mart, the people of Dallas seemed more friendly towards Kennedy than expected with positive signs being held up in the air and cheering of the crowds. After about half an hour into the car ride one of the most shocking moments in American history occurred when a fire of a gun was heard three times by the people near the limousine that contained the president. Kennedy was shot with his cranium seriously damaged by the impact (Parmet, pg. 345-346).…show more content…
Kennedy holding her husband as he bled out and Connally, the governor of Texas, down by leaning in front of the president and being struck by a bullet, the driver of the limousine drove off fast straight to the Parkland Memorial hospital. When radioed in to head to the hospital, the motorcade had been clocked in at speeds averaging 70-80 miles per hour making it to the hospital in only five minutes. Rooms were already made for the arrival of Kennedy who was in critical condition. After having twelve doctors in total give treatment to the president, the chief neurologist Dr. Clark estimated the time of President John F. Kennedy’s death as 1 P.M on November 22, 1963 (The Warren Report,
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