Kennedy Thames: The Wink Cosmetic Model

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Kennedy Thames was born in Lexington S.C. Her birthday is on May 3, 1998. She is eight-teen years old. Kennedy has been cheering since she was four years old, but has been competing since she was nine years old. Kennedy cheers at Rock star Cheer and Dance. She is on level 5 cooed, on the team Beatles. Kennedy is a flyer on her team. Some of the tumbling Kennedy has is standing jumps to full, two to whip double, running full whip double, whip Arabian thru to whip double, and 1.5 to whip double. Kennedy is a Wink cosmetic model, 2014 future Nfinity legend, MVP on her first worlds team at age twelve, UCA all American cheerleader in years 2012, 2013, and 2014. Kennedy is a leader in her community, on her cheer team, at her school, and with
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