Kennedy Vs Louisiana Essay

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Kennedy vs. Louisiana

On Monday, March 2nd the year was 1998 and at 9:18 a.m. there was a 911 call. Mr. Kennedy said that at his household, outside by the garage, his step daughter, L.H. (the only name the girl is referred to as in the case) was raped. The stepfather of this girl stated to the 911 operator that two teenagers had committed the crime (Cornell).
The two boys were found and were asked about the situation, but they were never found guilty of raping the girl and were let go. After this the stepfather was put under suspicion himself of the crime because his stepdaughter had told someone that he had committed the crime, and he was tried and found guilty of the rape of L.H. (Cornell).
In the United States on about half of them have the death penalty in their law system. The state of Louisiana is one out of the 27 states in the United States that have the death penalty law in their state, legally. In the state of Louisiana, there are 81 people currently on death row, 2 of those people are women (DPIC)
One case that occurred in 2008 was Kennedy vs. Louisiana. The original trial was about 5 months long in 1998. It was a special kind of death penalty case because it was one of the rare times that someone
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They have reinstated the death penalty in Louisiana after the case Furman vs Georgia in 1973. Their method of death penalty or execution, is injection. There are currently 81 people on death row in Louisiana including 2 women. There are a few places that do the death penalty in Louisiana including Louisiana State Penitentiary and St. Gabriel. The number of deaths in the state of Louisiana before the year 1976 was 632. But since then then there only have been 28 executions, that’s an average of at least two per year. It had been 44 years since the state of Louisiana has wanted the execute someone for something other than murder
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