Kenneth Chenault: One Of The Most Successful People

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Kenneth Chenault is one of the most successful people. His leader and communication skills helped him to get on the top and stay there in spite of all obstacles, which he met on his way. But how did he achieve all his glory and recognition?

All his life Kenneth heard from others that black people cannot be a high-positioned managers and no one, except his parents, believe that one day he become CEO of world-wide organization and for Kenneth being a CEO was not a goal of his life, as he said in interview with David Rubenstein, but nevertheless he became the head of one of the biggest corporation in the world.
To understand how he succeed, we should analyze the ways he thinks, the way he does something, the way he is.
After reading you will understand the character of Kenneth personality and it will help you not only to understand which qualities are needed to reach something as a manager, but also how to be better manager overall.
In this essay will be observed Kenneth`s decisional skills, which is action planning, teamwork, problem-solving and time management. Also, here will be analyzed his strengths and weaknesses.

Action planning and teamwork.
In the Kenneth case it is
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He is a person, who understands that without team it is impossible to reach heights. He can support them and empathize. Keneth became for his team the person, who can overcome every barrier with smile on his face. The CEO of American Express proved not once, but many times, that being a good person is 90% of being a good manager. Chenault is also proved that he is real patriot of his company. In interviews he mentioned that AMEX credit card is the only card he uses and has. Moreover, he told about limitations, which is applied for credit cards of AMEX`s top-managers, including yourself to show, that for American Express everyone, both CEO of world organization and usual customer, is equal. Does it make him a great manager? Yes, it
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