Kenrick Perez-Human Resource Management-Case Incident and Continuing the Case -Chapter10

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WEEK 10 ASSIGNMENT Employee Rights and Safety Protecting Safety and Health Case Incident Questions: The New Safety and Health Program Question 1: Based upon your knowledge of health and safety matters and your actual observations of operations that are similar to theirs, make a list of the potential hazardous conditions employees and others face at What should they do to reduce the potential severity of the top five hazards? Answer: I would suggest that LearnInMotion develop a Safety and Health Program that covers employees and employer. Begin by conducting a safety and health survey. The survey should cover the use and maintenance of Equipment, Work Practices, and OSHA Standards. The five top hazards that I…show more content…
Question 2: What would be advisable for them to set up a procedure for screening out stress-prone or accident-prone individuals? Why or why not? If so, how should they screen them? Answer: I would recommend that LearnInMotion develop a procedure that would screen for stress-prone and accident-prone employees. A good place to start is with the application process. Utilize agencies that pre-screen applications for employers; the applicants have to complete a series of surveys that help identify a psychological pattern of the applicant through the series of questions, which in turn help the employer decide whether they should move further in the process or whether they should be rejected. LearnInMotion’s screening procedure should also continue onto the interview stage of the hiring process. At this stage the applicant is presented with a series of scenarios and according to their responses the screening committee or (HR) have a better understanding of how these applicants would react under stressful situations. With existing employees LearnInMotion a different approach is required because the employees are subject to conditions within the workplace. LIM should administer periodical evaluations to their employees; it would help them to respond to and possibly eliminate the possibility of any serious consequence from the stress-prone or accident-prone employees before they occur. Another way that allows the

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