Kentucky And The Second American Revolution Essay

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Title: Kentucky & the Second American Revolution The War of 1812
Author: Hammack, James Walla
Pages: 112
Sophie Ratliff
World History
2nd Period

The first thing that started the events leading up to the war was the attainment of William Pitt to power in England in April 1804. It marked the beginning of a new and uncompromising British attitude toward neutrals that soon led to a crisis in Anglo-American relations. Next, Pitt took office and this caused the British to send naval officers to America. Then, in the spring of 1805, a British court declared illegal the lucrative American practice of converting goods from the French West Indies into “neutral” goods by taking them o U.S ports before shipping them to France. Soon after, British warships called the Cambrian and the Leander boldly took up regular station at New York. There they took up a dozen or more American ships waiting within sight of the port to be searched. This such action angered many Americans and when word of this reached the West, Kentuckians joined the outcry.
In towns and counties across the state, militia units paraded and Kentucky citizen’s gathered to shout protests against Britain’s obvious disregard or the sovereignty and the dignity of the United States. Never, after 1807, would influential Kentucky politicians argue that British restrictions upon American trade were a matter of private rather than public concern. The U.S soon learned that the British government’s main goal was to make the U.S
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