Kentucky Board of Nursing: Laws and Regulations

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Kentucky Board of Nursing Laws & Regulations Introduction Nursing is a health care practice that is more directed onto care of individuals by ensuring their recovery and quality assurance in health. Their scope of practice is differentiated by their approach methodologies. Nursing has diversified and in response to the rise of practice, prior education and training is now effected in many states in America. One of the states, Kentucky, has well-established schools, frontier schools, and colleges to facilitate the dependability of nursing practitioners. In conjunction to the status requirements of nursing and certification of the American nurses Association, the state of Kentucky has formed the Kentucky Board of Nursing, a Commonwealth agency of Kentucky. The board is a distinctive entity in the nursing profession whose objective is to protect the public's health welfare through the development and reinforcement of laws and regulations that govern safe health practice through nursing. The Kentucky Nursing Board oversees the delegation of the entire practice and its practitioners in accordance to the KRS Chapter 13A. Only competent nurses perform selected nursing situations under the supervision and persuasion of proper administrative policies promulgated in accordance to the board. This set of laws do affect the way that nurse practitioners carry out their clinical, administrative and teaching registered nursing practices. The laws integrate nursing skill, training
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