Kentucky Fried Chicken And Mcdonald Essay

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Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald 's have held a successful presence in the UK for many years, with both enjoying high levels of the brand recognition. They have been the global leading brands for more than three decades (Keynote, 2003). In the United Kingdom, the fast food market values 7.82 billion pounds every year under estimation and 20 pounds per month for per adult on average (Schroder, McEachern, 2006). Owing to stressful lifestyles, quick meals are attracting more people to focus on. This has led to a market growth of 19% from 1998 to now in the fast food market (Schroder, McEachern, 2006). Not only are the UK people deeply influenced by fast food. Almost every day there is a new Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant being opened in every 650 cities in China since the first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant opened in Beijing in 1987 (Maggie, 2011). The huge market demand of fast food brings the explosive growth of the fast food market which represented by Kentucky Fried Chicken. The number of Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants had reached four thousand in 2012 (Liu, 2012). Due to differences in geography, transportation and staff performance, each of them has varying degrees of operating performance. The one in Heishijiao Street is “the fast-food chain 's 4,000th Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in China”, said Zhu Zongyi, the president of Yum Brands China Division (Liu, 2012). The problem with this Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant is that it does not have the

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