Kentucky Fried Chicken and Global Fast Food Industry

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A report submitted to the Faculty of Business Studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the final term examination in Principle of Management, Summer-2013.
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The graphical scenario indicates the Sales in 1996. According to the graph, KFC grasped $4000 billion. Boston market embraced $1200 billion sales, Popeye’s Chicken enjoyed $700 billion sales, Chick-Fil-A sold $550 billion and Church’s Chicken got the chance to sell $500 billion. SWOT analysis
* KFC continued to dominate the Chicken Segment, with sales of 4.4 billion in 1999. * Despite gain by Boston Market and Chick-fill A, KFC customer base remained loyal to the KFC brand because of its unique taste. * KFC has continued to dominate the dinner and take out segment of the Industry. * Strong trademarks recipes. * Ranks highest among all chicken restaurant chains for its convenience and menu variety. * Generate $1B each year
* KFC was loosing market share as other Chicken chain increased sales at a faster rate. * KFC share of Chicken Segment sales fell from 71 percent 1989, to less than 56 percent in 1999, a 10-years drop of 15 percent. * KFC leadership in U.S market was so extensive that it had fewer opportunities to expand its U.S restaurant base, which was only growing at about 1 percent per year. * Failed to rank in top 20 in growth in 2000. * Lack of knowledge about their customers. * Question of over franchising leads to loss of control and quality. * Lack of focus on
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