Kentucky High-Performing Schools: Case Study

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Summary Crittenden, and Lyons (2014) discover that a culture of collaboration and teacher leadership is important and necessary components of a high-performing school. They sought to compare the culture of collaboration and teacher leadership between two rural high schools, one considered high-performing and the other considered low-performing. Authors selected 25 Kentucky high schools, 11 high-performing and 14 low-performing, to participate in this study. Schools were selected based on 2011 Grade 11 ACT Composite data. Survey data from the 2011 TELL (Teaching, Empowering, Leading, Learning) Survey were analyzed and compared to the Model Teacher Leader Standards (MTLS). The two areas of the survey were significantly different included Domain IV: Facilitating Improvements in Instruction and Student Learning and Domain VI: Improving Outreach and Collaboration with Community. Domain IV: Facilitating Improvements in Instruction and Student Learning include areas such as mentors, team leaders, data facilitators, and content coaches. Administrators of low performing schools lack the initiative to assist teachers to develop their strengths to become…show more content…
According to Crittenden, and Lyons (2014), two areas setting high-performing schools apart from low performing schools is essentially collaboration and communication. I realize the importance of collaboration whether it be with a neighbor teacher, my grade-level teachers, or my content area teachers. In my school, we have scheduled meeting with each group of educators. It is my desire to see a more structured use of the time. Oftentimes, we attend one of these meetings and spend time complaining about students or parents. An improvement would be to better structure our time together as to be more productive. I believe that the administration should have an accountability system in place to insure time is utilize
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