Kentucky History

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Kentucky History In 1792, Kentucky was made the first state west of the Appalachian mountains. It was founded by the paleo-Indians, Archaic, Woodland, Adena, Mississippian, and Fort Ancient cultures. But, there was no Indian possession of land at that time. Also, Kentucky was officially added to the union on, January 29, 1861. Four people that made an impact on Kentucky. Dr. John Walker and Christopher Gist led the surveying parties in 1750. John Finley led hunters on a two year exploration of Kentucky. James Harrod was the first to have a permanent settlement. It is now called Fort Harrod and is located in present day Harrodsburg. Not long after many other settlements were created all throughout Kentucky. Economy Kentucky is known for the mines they have. People mine natural gas, petroleum, and limestone giving people a job and a reason to live there. Ranking second in manufacturing, chemicals are the main place and why they are ranked. Cleaning products, industrial chemicals, and paints are just a few reasons why Kentucky is ranked second for manufacturing. Livestock makes up 66% of the agriculture in Kentucky. Horses and Cattle are the most important livestock in the state but, others are chickens, eggs, milk, and hogs. Their leading field crops are, soybeans, tobacco, corn for grain, and wheat. Taking the place of leading fruit crop in Kentucky is an…show more content…
Bourbon country: where the first bourbon drink was created is also very well known. Kentucky is known for the abnormal rule that before the governor can go into office they must swear that they have never had a duel with a deadly weapon. It was a tradition that was carried down and still used today. Also, it is known for the Kentucky derby. The Kentucky derby is a group of horses racing against one another while going around a circle shaped track. Mammoth cave is also another thing that Kentucky is known for because it is a big tourist
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