Keny A Beautiful Place

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Kenya is known as a beautiful place in the world with breathtaking scenery! It’s a place that many people wish to visit. But it is a place that is in need of help. Millions of people live in Kenya and about half of those people can’t afford healthcare. People that go to visit and help should be well prepared to take care of their own safety as well by getting the recommended vaccines and following safety precautions.

Kenya is a beautiful country located in east Africa which contains a vibrant culture and a hot and humid climate. Traveling to Kenya would be a great experience, but there are some things to know to prepare for a safe trip. Such as learning about the climate to know what kind of clothing to bring, learning about the culture and language the people speak, also it’s important to know some of the healthcare challenges and diseases located in the area.
Kenya is located on the east side of the continent Africa and borders the Indian Ocean. It also shares borders with five other African countries; Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Tanzania, and Somalia. There are many people that live in Kenya with the population at about 44.4 million and growing, and many of those people live in Kenya’s capital and largest city Nairobi. An important thing to know while planning to travel to Kenya is that it is required to obtain a passport and visa before entering the country.
The climate in Kenya is normally warm, humid, and tropical, but it can vary depending on when you travel…
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