Keny Economic Engine And Key Driver Of Strength

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Kenya is one of the top economic engine and key driver of strength in Eastern Africa. Its strong private division and business services contribute greatly to the growth in the region. Kenya is home to some of the most fascinating natural wonders and people in the world. Kenya is reflected as a wealthy and culturally diversed country. Although Kenya’s economic climate is progressively improvising, their education and the increase in population growth has cause major problems for Kenyans which is the primary reason for their lack of human development. Kenya was ranked 145 out 187 nations on the Human Development Index. “Kenya has been ranked lowly in a UN global survey on well-being and quality of life beyond annual economic growth rates” (Masha, 2013). According to the Human Development Index, Kenya has been declining on the developmental scale ever since 1980. Most of Kenya’s population lives under extreme poverty which is an average of 30 percent of the country. These facts will show a drastic picture for Kenya and their fight against poverty. Believe it or not, Kenya has one of the highest growing population in the world. “As a result of the booming population growth, the country faces a serious unemployment problem, which the government admits will worsen over the next decade despite its best efforts” (Mwembe, 1989). Unemployment is increasing more every day which unfortunately means poverty is rising. Currently more than half of Kenyans live under the poverty

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