Kenya And British Colonialism

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Kenya and British Colonialism didn't work together too well. When the British colonized Africa they did it without permission and that didn't make anyone happy. Their government was humiliated. They had enormous out economic problems. Also they had religious conflicts as well.

Kenya's government was basically destroyed and ruled by the British, but they let them believe they were ruling. They lost land to British settlers. They had protests that didn't need to happen that wasted resources and time. Kenya was no longer Kenya. Their government was being puppeteered by the British government as a result of Colonialism.

Might I add their economy was in tatters. The British government put a tax on all the houses known as the hutt tax. The hutt tax was later raised after WW1 when wages were being cut. During the war their people were drafted and used as carriers in the war. There was about 50,000 Kenyan deaths. And their land was stolen from them preventing them from farming and making money.
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They had Christian missionaries sent to try and convert them but of course they didn't want to. When Kenya was first colonized they had 27 different ethnic groups that were affected when this happened because they didn't want the British in control. The Kenyans lost control of their religious practices because the Christian missionaries didn't want them to give the female
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