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Kenya Cultural Paper SSG JOSHUA A.BEALS ELECTRONIC WARFARE SLC CLASS# 002-17 Kenya Cultural Paper Kenya is located in the horn of Africa surrounded by hostile and failing states that are jeopardizing its attempts to join the modern age. Politically Kenya has had different invading or occupying nations and changes in their political systems throughout its history. Kenya’s military consists of an Army, Air Force, and Navy. The economy of Kenya is considered the largest of East Africa and is in period of growth currently. The culture in Kenya is one that has infused the traditional ways of life and that of the modern world. Connected with key infrastructure that includes roads, airports, train lines, ports, energy production, and…show more content…
With the conclusion of WWII Kenya was engulfed in multiple power struggles which included coups and assassinations. Eventually gaining its independence from Britain, Kenya to this day remains a volatile state. Bordered with other Islamic nations that have become insurgent hotbeds. Today the country is governed by the 2010 Constitution which divided the executive, legislative, and justice branches. In concurrence with the new constitution a president is elected by popular vote with a two term limit of five years per term. The current President of Kenya is His Excellency Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, CGH who was sworn in on 9th April, 2013 as the fourth President of the Republic of Kenya. The Deputy President is Honorable William Samoei Ruto. It also provisions for a bicameral parliament that consists of a 68 member senate and a 350 member National Assembly. The country is divided into 47 counties with a governor elected by popular vote. The Kenyan military known as the Kenyan Defense Force (KDF) is considered one of the top ten militaries in Africa. With an annual spending of $0.6 billion annually it’s the leadership of 24,000 active duty Officers that has increased KDF’s lethality. The Air Force contains 127 aircraft varying from interceptors, fixed wing, transport, and helicopters. The Army has a small tank force supplemented with armored personnel carriers. The Navy has a small fleet of 14 vessels, but they can inflict damage with

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