Kenya: Jomo Kenyatta

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For this assignment I chose to write about Jomo Kenyatta. After reading chapters three and four of Khapoya’s book, it was hard to imagine an Africa that wasn’t under colonial rule. I can only comprehend on a very basic level the impact colonialism had on the Africans economically, physically, and mentally. It is inspiring to read further and discover the immense, calculated, and passionate efforts that many Pan African leaders played in the years that followed. I found Jomo Kenyatta to be particularly interesting. For many reasons, Kenyatta is considered one of the most significant leaders of the Pan African movement in the twentieth century. Kenyatta had a clear vision of what he wanted for Kenya (or Africa as a whole), he was prepared…show more content…
Kenyatta’s charge was brought on by a statement he had made in 1930 warning European officials that if things didn’t change in Kenya there would inevitiably be a “dangerous explosion” on behalf of the people of Kenya. Due to his “prediction” of said rebellion, Jomo Kenaytta was convicted and sentenced to seven years in jail, despite his denial during and after his sentencing.
Kenyatta’s stay in prison was not uneventful. He managed to accomplish milestones for Kenya (and Africa as a whole) while serving his time. As a result of the Mau Mau rebellion, Europeans began to guide the country toward an African majority rule. During that time the Kenya African National Union (KANU) elected Kenyatta president despite his detention status. Even though Kenyatta had served his time, he was still being held captive. The KANU refused cooperation while Kenyatta was still imprisoned (“Jomo Kenyatta”, Britannica). He later made a statement, upon his release, in which he said “Europeans can find a place in the future Kenya, provided they take their place as ordinary citizens” (“Jomo Kenyatta”, Britannica). After he was released, Kenyatta hit the ground running. He attended the London Conference in 1962 and proceeded to negtiate the terms leading to the independece of Kenya. Initiall he was awarded the position of Prime Minister for the first year of independence with a British governor-general. However, the following year a centralized political system was established in
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