Kenya Vs Usa Research Paper

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Women in culture between the United States and in Kenya

The modern society considers women to be pillars of the family and the community, but in recent years, Kenyan women have been trying to fight for the right to receive equal treatment as men. In Kenyan societies, traditions and customary practice still marginalize women. For instance: Kenyan women are always considered secondary to men. In contrast, the U.S is not considered a class-conscious society, and most women have equal opportunities available to them as to men. On the other hand, cultural practice, society pressure and domestic violence continue to deny Kenyan women access to voice their rights. Although they share many legal rights, women in the U.S and in Kenya are
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The education system in both of these countries are different, and the number of graduates may vary. The Kenyan government decrees that all citizens have equal rights to compulsory basic education, but the tradition and customs state differently. Most traditions in Kenya considered taking girls to school as a waste of time and money, so they opt to marry them out at a tender age. For example, women in rural areas who strictly follow the customs don’t easily get access to basic education and can’t voice their rights, compared to the urban women, who have got access to everything and voice their rights to anyone who cares to hear. In Kenyan, both boys and girls study together under the co-educational system, which shows that 85% of primary-secondary female students attend more school then male students, and 75% of these women end up in workforce. However, women in the U. S have the ability to get the same education as men. Despite the fact that most people complete elementary school, and majority go on to complete high school. In the U. S only 15% of female students graduate compare to 65% of male students. Both men and women complete higher education at the same rate but it’s your hardwork that and determination that will pull you through. Women in the U.S make up half of the workforce and work in the same field as men, and their percentage is increasing every
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