Kenyan Culture Vs American Culture

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Going outside of one’s own culture can be very eye-opening to a person. Although it is sometimes difficult to see through the perspective of someone else, it is vital in being able to communicate with people around the world. I have taken two mission trips to Kenya, Africa during the summer with my church group. Because of this trip, I became more aware of the differences there were in culture and just how many cultures I was missing out on. I believe that all cultures should become more aware of at least one other culture to compare and contrast the two because each culture could learn something from another. I have found the most important characteristics of this culture and would like to share the interests that this culture has brought to my attention.
Good Leadership One of the things that the Kenyan culture values is good leadership among their people. Leadership is an important role because the people in charge are the ones who come up with the decisions for all their people. Kenya does not have the type of government that the United States has so they tend to make their own rules when it comes to their culture groups. There are many characteristics that are involved with being a leader such as social class, age, and how they would be able to handle hard times,
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People often view Africa as a place to hunt for big, wild animals in their natural habitats. Although this is a common hobby for people to do in Kenya, it is not seen as such to the natives. They believe that their animals are prized possessions, whether that be a family trading goats and sheep, or leaving the wild animals alone in their homes. Zebras, for example, walk around in Kenya as much as cows walk around in open fields in the United States. So it is a weird concept for the Kenyan people to see foreigners coming to kill those animals for
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