Kenyas Foreign Policy

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The conduct of foreign policy in Kenya is a prerogative of the Head of State the Chief Executive (President). These powers are rested in the Presidency by section 16 of the Constitution of Kenya, Amendment Act No. 28 and in Section 23 of the Constitution. Consequently, the Chief Executive is the initiator, articulator and director of foreign policy. This applies universally and is not unique to Kenya. The Foreign Ministry's responsibility is that of advice and execution in consultation with the President

Several individuals, institutions and organizations participate in the foreign policy formulation and decision-making. From this perspective, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is only a facilitator, co-ordinator and a
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Membership to the EAC will enhance political cohesion and stability among the neighbouring states and thereby contribute to sustainable development of the region. (More information on
Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD)
Kenya is a member of IGAD, comprising of the seven countries of the horn of Africa. The Horn of Africa suffers from the perennial problem of drought and IGAD has concerted energies in addressing the issue of drought and development. In 1996, IGAD was revitalized and its mandate expanded to address issues of conflict and development. Under the IGAD arrangement, Kenya has played a mediating role in the conflicts of Southern Sudan and Somalia. Kenya’s role in these efforts have gained international recognition and prestige. (More information on
New Partnership for Africa's Development
Kenya supports the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), which is a holistic and integrated framework for the sustainable development of the African continent. It is widely recognized that Kenya’s invaluable experience in socio-economic and development processes will be useful in constructing the

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