Kepler And Galileo : The Invention Of Physics And Astronomy

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Kepler and Galileo are responsible for the advancements of physics and astronomy in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Although these advancements were a part of the scientific community, one cannot be certain that their views rested on science alone. Theology was extremely important and influential in this time period, and the Catholic Church placed many limitations on scientists. With this being said, Kepler and Galileo must have had theological ideas in the back of their minds while working. They believed that God left the universe for man to figure out and discover, and they were sure that the work they were doing, independently, was the truth behind it all. Many people at the time, including the Catholic Church, did not agree with their work believing it was anti-religious and went against the word of God. The Catholic Church, quite offended by their work, punished both men for their publications. Kepler and Galileo stood by their work and believed that what they had accomplished was all for God. Kepler and Galileo both knew that they were religious men who were simply trying to uncover the truth behind the universe God has created; they thought they were serving God with their work. According to the Church at the time the Bible held all truths, but Kepler and Galileo believed that there was more that could be learned. Galileo stated that he believed that God created the universe in a particular way, and that it was the mission of humans to figure it

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