Kepper-452b Research Paper

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Humans have been searching for a habitable extraterrestrial planet before Galileo even assembled the first telescope. Since then, we have identified 1030 extraterrestrial planets, but only an esteemed handful of these copious supply of planets would even permit the hardiest of bacteria and single-celled organisms, let alone intelligent life. Kepler-452b is one of the most speculated planets yet discovered because it orbits within the Goldilocks Zone, or the perfect distance from its star so that surface temperatures of the planet remain stable for liquid water, and thus for life. Given that it is 60% larger than earth, takes 385 days to orbit its star, Kelper-452b exhibits almost every desirable characteristic of a habitable planet. However, it is a jaw-dropping 6 billion years old, or 1.5 billion older that our own sun.…show more content…
Until space industry can devise a transportation system faster than light-speed, humanity has no hope of ever exploring this planet. On more auspicious terms for discovering a habitable world, one does not need to look farther than our own solar system. Cassini, an orbiter of Saturn, discovered that one of its moons, dubbed as Enceladus, has liquid water beneath its icy crust. Furthermore, a rocky core at the bottom of the ocean confirms that the liquid water may have the essential minerals and nutrients to provide microbial organisms with a sustainable food
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